Take a medieval journey, and explore the history of the “Medieval Power Couple” Isabel & William Marshal.


Enjoy the stunning sights from the Rock of Dunamase and then travel southwards to the medieval city of Kilkenny and explore Kilkenny Castle & the Medieval Mile Museum.

Just under 2 hours driving as a round trip from Brielle House.

Isabel was the daughter of Strongbow and Aoife and when she wed William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, Dunamase was given as part of the marriage’s wedding gift. Despite the castle’s ruined state today, visitors will still get a sense of its former grandiosity as well as lavishing in the stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

William Marshal was extremely influential in the development of the medieval city of Kilkenny. Unearth 800 years of history as you visit the Medieval Mile Museum the former St. Mary’s Church and hear about the influence of William Marshal …….

Take a short stroll through the high street of Kilkenny from the Medieval Mile Museum to one of the prime tourist spots in Ireland – Kilkenny Castle. Kilkenny Castle is one of the earliest Norman stone castles to be built in Ireland. It was built by William Marshal between c. 1195 and 1210.